3D Printer Workshop Immersion Training

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  1. Introduction to Open Source Product Development. Includes collaborative literacy, product development process, OSE linux, FreeCAD introduction
  2. Universal Axis and the 3D Printer Construction Set
  3. FreeCAD 101. Toolchain for designing, modifying, documenting, and manufacturing using 100% open source software. Includes production of instructionals, CNC cutting files, 3D printing files, making exploded part diagrams, exploded part animations, language agnostic instructionals.
  4. D3D Design. Explanation of the nested frame design, all the components, design rationale for each component, and possible improvements for the future.
  5. Sourcing. The full BOM, and how to mitigate sourcing risk. Timing. Backup sourcing. Understanding what parts can be substituted.
  6. Production engineering. Printing parts, cut list, tools.
  7. Documentation. Instructionals, build documentation, time lapses.
  8. OSE Lulzbot Cura 101.
  9. Marlin 101.
  10. Electronic wiring 101.
  11. The 3D Printer Controller
  12. Event Design. How do design a build event for 1 day workflow. Time and effort required for each build step. How to design
  13. Marketing 101. How to market your event sucessfyly.