3D Printer Workshops Analysis of Industry Standards

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Result Summary

A summary of results will be published here after a one month data collection period - by April 1, 2016.

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Luka Mustafa

We have just today released stable source of Troublemaker V2: https://github.com/IRNAS/Troublemaker2

It can be built in one intense day, we will have instructions much like http://instructions.koruza.net ready shortly.

KITs will be available from http://fabrikor.eu this week, I will get back to you with the cost once I receive the final calculation. Parts are all generally available and could be ordered also from folger or some other supplier, BOM is on github if you want to check.

Kind regards,

Luka Mustafa


Workshops List

Extensive web searching on May 18 2016 collected in this list: File:Assembly workshops data collection through web search.ods

  • 3 day - 24 hour builds - [1]
  • Matter hackers - OSE 2014 - 3 days
  • Ultimaker - 2.5 days - [2]
  • 12-16 hours over 4-5 days - US$650 - [3]