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Bram de Vries <info@vela3.nl> 2/18/09

to me Dear Marcin Jakubowski,

Through my employer Reinder van Tijen of the Dutch Demotech foundation I got to know your work. I'm very pleased and interested by the progress you guys are making.

As a support I would like to offer my capacities as 3D designer in Autodesk Inventor, on a voluntary basis (= for free). What I could do for you is to work out your designs into technical drawings and or animations/rendered images for presentational use. (Of which I could not find much on your website)

I agree that expensive design software is not where you want to go, but as you mentioned in your youtube movie: there is no good open source alternative. I'm trying to learn myself Blender, but as you said: that's difficult. Also I doubt the accuracy and suitability for industrial design, although you seemed to have managed quite well.

See my Inventor service as an intermediate support to present yourself better, arouse more attention and hopefully the open source community picks up the challenge to create good engineering software.

My Inventor license is a non profit license by the way. We (at Demotech) received a full version for free after explaining our work. Something you might consider to do as well.

I would suggest that you send me all the data you have of a certain project. It's best if this project is in a more or less stable state of design (finished). I can rework this to nice looking pictures, animations, technical production drawings and/or exploded views.... whatever you want.

To add a little disclaimer. As every other human being I'm limited in time. I got my work for Demotech which currently is voluntary work. Because of that I have to sell my soul to the devil every now and then to get an income. And off course I have a social life, but miracoulously I have some time left every now and then that I would like to donate to your great initiative. If you, by incident, have contacts in the industry that might be interested in my (on-line) inventor services I keep myself recommended.

Kind regards,

Bram de Vries The Netherlands.

Tel: 0031 (0)6 1141 8467 (or) 0049 (0)1 5771 984 495