3D Printing Rates

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  • 5 lb/24 hrs with the Moarstruder - 1.2 mm nozzle.
  • 24 cubic mm per second - Ultimaker - with .8 mm nozzle [1] - that is 86 CC per hour. For ABS, that is .09 kg/hr. 2.2 kg per 24 hrs. Same as Lulzbot, for half the nozzle area. So theoretically, Moarstruder should be 10 lb/24 hrs if it performed as fast extrusion as Ultimaker.
  • Hold on here, how is Ultimaker printing more than 4x the rate of Lulzbot with a 30℅ smaller nozzle?

Printing Revenue

  • See the 2 lb plastic fence post at Fencing. It costs $2.90. If we use recycled filament at 10 cent material cost, then good profits can be made here if printing rate is about a kg per hour. About $3 revenue per hour, or about $70 with a single print head in a 24 hour period. That is $2100 per month per head, or $20k/month with a 10 printer cluster. Requires 1 cent per hour electricity cost if printer uses 100W on average. Value generation is over $1 per lb of waste plastic - where waste plastic thus becomes a high value item.