3 Levels of Hardware Open-Sourcing

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Here is an example of the 3 levels - based on the Seed Eco-Home as an example.

See Seed Eco-Home Features for a description of the technology embodied in the November 2016 build at the OBI/OSE headquarters. We are seeking subject matter expertise to opensource all of the following features. There are 3 levels to hardware opensourcing:

  1. Open sourcing of the design, using commercial, off the shelf, proprietary components. For example, open-source design of the toilet using proprietary toilet, wood from the big box store, a commercial pump, etc.
  2. Open sourcing of the components used in the design. For example, not buying a commercial pellet burner, but building it from raw materials.
  3. Open sourcing the materials used - such as a process for melting scrap steel to make new steel that is used to build the stove. The materials opensourcing can occur at 2 levels: (1) Involving materials recycled from the proverbial Man; (2) Involving materials obtained directly from Mother Nature.