3 Month Immersion Program

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Modular Design

  • Modular design of program:
  • OSE Boot Camp - 2 week immersion in open source product development process, software, design, and hardware builds. Prerequisite providing basic competency in open source product prototyping including heavy machine prototyping. One week on-site, one week off-site. OSE boot camp provides basic training. This is the entry level OSE program, with no prior requirements. Limit 8 people.
  • 3 Month-long immersion development based on Distributive Enterprise Development. Each month focuses on 1 machine under development. CEB Press build, Eco-Tractor Build, and OBI Seed Eco-Home. Schedule is 2 seminars per week, and a collaborative Final Publication for a completion certificate (build procedure using WikiFab + Scribus).
  • If a person completed the 3 Month Immersion Program - they qualify to take subsequent 1-month development modules.


  • Attendance of at least one OSE/OBI workshop.
  • OSE Developer for one development cycle (3 months) prior to application
  • Project Proposal and Interview, based on product roadmap of OSE
  • Proficiency in FreeCAD 101 and Kdenlive 101


  • 2 week OSE Boot Camp at beginning of program
  • Building your own 3D printer (small prototyping) and CNC Torch Table (full metal fabrication) to take home with you.
  • Open Source Microfactory Academy - 2 week intensive program
  • Participation in a 3D Printer Build Workshop
  • Final project - building a sawmill and CEB Press


  • One month off site, 3 months on site


  • Immersion Students make significant progress on developing OSE machines

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If the relationship is not working out, the individual may leave or be asked to leave after a 1 month trial period on site, with a refund for the remaining 2 months.