3 Point Hitch

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What is the issue?


If uneven terrain, the 3 point will move. This issue applies in articulated and regular tractors. I don't see a problem - MJ

Tibor: The problem is, that 3 point hitch (3PH) moves with front wheels and they are far away from 3PH. So if you have seeder in 3PH, in situation on that image it will not seed properly, because one side will be on the ground and the other in the air. There are 2 types of tractors [1]

  1. with front axle pin
  2. with middle pin with 2-points of movement

On both 3PH moves with rear wheels.

LifeTrac is somewhere between this two. Maybe this will be not big issue, but solution is instead of Pivot + Ground Hug Pivot making Pivot with 2-points of movement.

Module - Cab Frame Product Development Board (BETA V.08-13-13)