3 Year Painted Picture

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There are thousands of OBI houses ad OSE machines around the world as builders adopt the techniques of open source. There are hundreds of builders around like this. Brick manufacturing of continuous charcoal producing

Platform shifted from Develoment to Review, and simply recruit all necessary SMEs for every element. Dashboard. Best Design Rationale. Calculations. Design Topgrading. Implementation: Infobox + Stack Overflow, Bug Tracker, Forum, Roadmap, Product Ecology.

Sitting in a deep sofa chair smoking a pipe calling out for design problem statements, that my videographer edits exquisitely into SME callouts using a serious SME Contribution platform. Shift to media/video production for execution callouts, and a support infrastructure to make this happen, such that we cycle 100 times through the entire development cycle in concurrent engineerig - on the time scale of one month including test-driven prototypes in an ongoing fashion. Focus is SMEs.

To Get There

  1. Board fabrication
  2. SME on hydraulics
  3. FreeCAD design file
  4. CAM files from FreeCAD
  5. Sales site
  6. Regular machine build every month to streamline the build organization process to 8 hours per event, and 1 day for build.