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Marcin has asked me to put out a request for any programmers, and especially any programmers who are familiar with solar tracking, or astronomy, to help us create an amazing OSE 3 axis tracking system.

This tracking system will guide the Solar Furnace also known as the Solar Fire P32 as the sun tracks across the sky.

This is how the system will work-

With an internal compass, a zip code or GPS positioning, date/time, once the mirrors are aimed at the sun, it will track indefinitely. This system will be robust, however it will need additional power to power the electrics, and to turn the Solar Furnace throughout the day, and return it to it's start position the next day.

Any programmers that would like to step up to this would be appreciated.

Also, if there's anyone who has an organic or non-electric idea how we can track an object on one trajectory, and angle it to a tower on another trajectory, we're all ears here, as always solutions using only natural elements (like an outdoor clock that uses the sun) are preferred.

This is a large piece to the Solar Furnace's success as manually changing it throughout the day would be exhaustive.

Please reach me if you're interested at leifthor@gmail.com