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4GC - Fourth Generation Civilization

A 4GC is a new civilization built upon Open Source Ecology principles and uses the Global Village Construction Set to provide for the inhabitants. It is theoretically possible to construct such a civilization if enough resources are provided. In a fictional work called "Manna", by Marshall Brain, the author proposed one such framework to make this possible:

"{Insert your name here} formed a corporation called 4GC, Inc. He sold shares in this corporation for $1,000 each to one billion people. You will learn about all of this during your orientation. He put lots of rules around the shares to avoid abuse - for example, one person can access only one share of stock. The upshot is that, by selling one billion shares of stock in 4GC, Inc., {Insert your name here} accumulated one trillion dollars in the corporation."

"With that money, he started to build his new civilization. The first thing he needed was land -- resources. He approached several governments, and eventually formed a partnership with the government of Australia. He was able to buy 1.5 million square miles of the Australian outback for $250 billion. {Insert your name here} then began buying other resources he needed -- factories, mines, companies around the world. He also began building new factories in Australia, all of them completely automated, to build robots. With his $1 trillion, he needed to buy all of the resources necessary for one billion people to be completely self-sufficient. He was able to accomplish that goal in Australia for about $600 billion."

This fictional place was called the Australia Project.