6 Hour Hackerspaces

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Hackerspaces within 6 hours of Open Source Ecology headquarters:

  1. Kansas City - hammerspace - //hammerspacehobby.com/ - hammerspacehobby@gmail.com
  2. KC - https://www.jocolibrary.org/makerspace
  3. KC - Cowtown Computer Congress - membership@cowtowncomputercongress.org
  4. Omaha Maker Group - omahamakergroup@gmail.com
  5. Kansas Cityhttps:
  6. Lincoln - http://www.turbineflats.org
  7. Lincoln - http://innovationstudio.unl.edu/
  8. http://omahamakergroup.org/
  9. Omaha - http://www.dospace.org/
  10. Omaha - http://benchomaha.com/
  11. Des Moines - https://area515.org/


Dear ____,

I'm the founder of Open Source Ecology (https://www.ted.com/talks/marcin_jakubowski), and we are producing a regular 3D Printer build workshop, where people from the general public build a dozen or so 3D printers - which they take home with them - in one day. We use our own design - optimized for the lowest unique part count of any 3D printer in the world. It is designed for an efficient build - just one day. It is part of a modular, scalable construction set for building any CNC machine. This is our last workshop announcement:


We are now offering an immersion 6 week course, where we teach others to run the same workshop for the general public as an enterprise. This is part of our Distributive Enterprise (http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Distributive_Enterprise) model that we are bringing to the world - part of the Experience Economy, as we bring distributed production to local communities. In the next workshop, we are also building the Lyman Filament Maker, with which we can produce our own 3D Printing filament from waste plastic.

Our revenue model is tuition from the workshops. When people build a 3D Printer, we charge them for the printer materials cost, plus $300 dollars tuition. The economic model thus means $3600 net revenue per event, not counting venue fees.

Would anyone at your hackerspace be interested in learning how to run such workshops using our open source designs? Anyone is free to use our designs for enterprise, and we offer the 6 week immersion course as well.

Thanks, Marcin