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OSE Announces Extreme Manufacturing with the ‘6 in 60 Campaign’

Open Source Ecology (OSE) announces the 6 in 60 Campaign!

From 10 May to 4 July 2013, OSE will be rapid prototyping 6 products from the Global Village Construction Set. We will build the open source microtractor, bulldozer, truck, car, backhoe, ironworker machine, to be cut with the CNC Torch Table.

Last year, we have built one of our machines - the automated Compressed Earth Brick (CEB) Press - in a single day. This year, we aim to achieve a similar speed for design - 1-day design times for our machines. How? With modular design and radical collaboration - where we design and document interchangeable modules - as building blocks of these machines. This 2 minute video is a great introduction to the Design Sprint concept.

OSE will host a series of four Design Sprints throughout May and June where we will take the modular 3D designs and prototype the modules using 3D printers and laser cutters, then perform a build-out of each product, aptly, by the 4th of July.

OSE needs your help with this campaign!

Do you know Sketchup or LibreCAD? Do you have a 3D printer or a laser cutter? Can you do modeling, analysis, animations, or infographics? Can you do video? Are you a writer, script writer, or technical writer? Don’t know Sketchup? Take our 11 minute tutorial and you may learn enough in just 1 hour to participate in a design session.

Check out the campaign’s Dashboard for a list of products and modules in-work, real-time updates, and more information about the design process.

The Design Sprints are hosted via Google Hangout, and there is the OSE 6 in 60 Community in Google+ where we post informational links, links to the Design Sprint hangouts, and a message board.

The 4th of July, America’s Independence Day, will be a day of celebration in the Open Source Community as well as we rollout 6 new open source prototypes to further transfer technological power from corporations to the individual.

If you have any questions see our 6 in 60 FAQ, or contact OSE’s Technical Community Manager, Audrey Rampone: audrey@opensourceecology.org