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What is a Design Sprint?

Design Sprints are Open Source Ecology's rapid, remote collaboration events. Right now, we are building out 6 of our open source Global Village Construction Set machines in 60 days. See video introduction:

See this 2 minute video for an introduction - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=EXau4L6Ghk8

How do I join the Design Sprint?

I'm not familiar with Google Hangout, how do I join a Hangout?

  • A Google Hangout Instructional is in work -- contact our Technical Community Manager at audrey@opensourceecology.com with questions not yet covered in the instructional.

I don't have a Google account, and don't want one, but want to participate.

  • Contact our Technical Community Manager at audrey@opensourceecology.com to coordinate participation.

I can't participate in the tech check--can I still participate in the Design Sprint?

  • Yes, please do! The purpose of the Friday evening Tech Check/Planning is for those who:

1) Would like an opportunity to use Google Hangout before the Sprint. 2) Would like to work on/provide an update on a project, but can't make it to the Sprint. 3) Would like a head start/task assignment before the Sprint.

I can't participate at the start time/all day/etc, can I still participate?

  • Yes, we are "checking in" at the top of every hour! If you would like to join mid-day, we can pre-coordinate your participation and easily fold you in when you can join us.