7 Areas of Respect

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  1. Respect personal boundaries, touch others appropriately, and refrain from violence. (Physical Respect)
  2. Respect other peoples' feelings and emotions, and take responsibilty for my own. (Emotional Respect)
  3. Be honest, use respectful form of communication with others, hear what others are saying to me. (Verbal Respect)
  4. Respect my own and others' right to privacy, solitude, quiet, and security in their personal space, and negotiate the use of common space. (Territorial Respect)
  5. Care for individual, common, and community property. (Material Respect)
  6. Respect the diversity of peoples' age, sex, racial origin, sexual orientation, spiritual practices, and physical and mental capabilities. (Respect for Diversity)
  7. Respect the community structure and decision-making process. (Community Respect)