90 Square Meter Solar Concentrator

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Dear friends,

We have recently developed 90 sq mt solar concentrator. Mr Eerik came to help me from Finland. This is fixed focus, completely folding concentrator not requiring any foundation in the ground. Shipment volume will be 12 cu mt and one 20 ft container can take 2 concentrators. It can be assembled at site in 2 days and mirror focusing will take further 5 days. Then immediately it starts working.

It will be useful for water pumping and running agro industries in the farm itself. This may bring real revolution in entire world. I feel that I am steadily approaching to my goal to make available tiny solar thermal power plant to every small farm.

This solar concentrator of 90 sq mt will be unique alternative of fossil fuel based power plants. For small captive power plants for 5KW and for steam cooking system for hostels , this will be ideally suitable. It may cook for 800 to 1000 people. Heat power will be at about 40KW.

Frame size is 11.5mt x 11.5 mt and will occupy space of 16mt x 16mt for revolving. Tracking is manual. But only one person can manage tracking of 5 such concentrators. So it is not big problem in poor countries. FOB cost is US$ 12000/-.

Video link:-


However it is not perfect. During the testing, we found some defects which we are correcting. We will also try to introduce automatic tracking system in future but it is not essential in my opinion. At least for mass community cooking, it can be conveniently used at present. We will make further experiments for cooking and water pumping in next 2 months. Then we will offer to world market. Using my solar concentrators in MW size grid feeding power plants will make big solar power plants 50% cheaper. But as I am opposing big centralized power plants, I wish that my concentrators should not be used there. I will surely wish that my solar concentrators must be used by villagers only for mechanical power for water pumping, threshing and grinding of grain, rice milling, oil expelling, sugarcane crushing, ginning spinning and weaving of cotton cloth and certain basic need industries only to increase their wealth. I wish that my solar concentrators should not be used for exploitation purpose by big industries and big power plants.

I am sure that village blacksmiths, carpenters, welders and clever technicians will be able to fabricate my 90 sq mt solar concentrators in villages and farms in near future.