ACU Heat Exchanger Project

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Document the heat exchanger here according to Instructions.


Open Source Ecology, an "open source economy" created with the goal of innovating efficient tools for practical use. This project had the goal of using a heat exchanger consisting of pipe-and-fittings design to achieve the specifications unique to this project yet generalized enough to have a global impact.

Performance Requirements

  • 2.5'x2.5'x1'
  • 50,000+ BTU heat source
  • 2 GPM output water flow-rate
  • System Pressure at a minimum of 30 PSI
  • 140 degrees Fahrenheit output water temperature


SketchUp Video

There was board insulation placed around the outside walls of the heat exchanger to increase heat transferred to the water. Additionally, the temperature gauge and pressure gauge were used for the purposes of testing the design and not intended for the final product. Open Source Ecology compatibility was necessary to ensure the product could be integrated into the global village construction set and door for easy cleaning.


AutoCAD Drawings File

The AutoCAD Drawings File details the individual pieces to the assembly as well as the dimensions and final product.

File:Detail Drawings 11.pdf

Manufacturing Plan



Lessons Learned

  • Making better assumption during the calculations that led to the design
  • Finding a better "do-it-yourself" approach to cutting the holes by which the pipes ran through
  • Finding an easier direction to forming the pipe headers
  • Using a heat source with a slower air flow-rate for better heat transfer results