AR4 Robot Arm

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  • 6DOF
  • Optional 7th Axis Linear Motion Rail
  • Reach – 24.75 inches (62.9cm)
  • Payload – 4.15 lbs (1.9kg)
  • Repeatability - .2mm
  • Robot weight (aluminum) – 27lbs (12.25kg)
  • Enclosure weight – 12.5lbs (5.6kg)
  • Max Power Consumption – 8.25amp (198 watts)

Example Use Cases

Robotic CNC Tending

Robotic Welding

Misc Automation / Cobot Applications


Stepper Motors


By Annin Robotics

  • The AR4 Complete Combo Kit (1,189.00 USD (+ Shipping?) )
    • This does not include the stepper motors (see the BOM for the kit, as well as the list), and printed parts (files are free, just need to account for filament cost etc)
    • Combining Both the Kits Comes Out To 1790.98 USD Per Robot Arm (Without any End Effector or More Advanced Control Box)

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