A Humble Person

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  • A humble person does not identify with any specialty such as being a lawyer or sociologist or scientist. They are first just a person, bumbling their way through life
  • Humility is power not impotence. As such a humble person will be brave, full of courage, able to do the right thing.
  • A humble person can reconcile both their trifling insignificance and overwhelming power
  • A humble person, recognizing their unlimited power, does not think that accomplishing important things will be easy - and thus can take on a long-term approach
  • A humble person knows the limits of the individual and is thus a true collaborator. Thus the humble person is a 'we' person, not a 'me' person. As a 'we' person, they do not sacrifice the individual.
  • A humble person respects others and allows their dignity to shine
  • A humble person, knowing that they know nothing, are hungry to learn everything about everything
  • A humble person is not judgmental, but curious
  • A humble person, knowing the limits of their mind, understands that the map is not the territory
  • A humble person, knowing their limits, is hungry to learn, and therefore takes every setback and difficulty as the greatest opportunity - even a chance for sublimation
  • A humble person, being comfortable with themselves, has an indomitable will.
  • A humble person knows that we are all in it together
  • Humility is the admission that one stands on the shoulders of giants. The opposite is a self-appointed demigod on stilts.