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What is your fav episode? 070: Purpose & Cause-based Podcasting. Couldn't agree with you more regarding a podcast being an explosive growth opportunity, and I'd like to be one of your strangers-turned-friends based on your conversation. If you are excited by my TED Talk - I can cover anything related to large-scale collaboration for changing the world, whether in open hardware, personal, or organizations - please see if my work is compelling to you - https://www.ted.com/talks/marcin_jakubowski_open_sourced_blueprints_for_civilization?language=en

Who are you? I am a movement entrepreneur working on open source blueprints for civilization.

What other podcasts were you on? Buddhist Geeks, Singularity Podcast, Corbett Review, Permaculture Voices Podcast, The Survival Podcast, Conversations with Intersting People