A Talk with the Good 'ol Boys about Factor e Farm

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From negiliblek at yahoo dot com:

"Factor e Farm!" one of them said with a salty grin, "Sounds like a Physicist with a Ph.D. or Linux programmer learned how to farm!" "Or is trying to anyhow", another said behind the back of his hand.

"Lord knows what they'll grow if they're successful, what'll it be, a bunch a little "e's"???", followed a few snorts and more grins.

I gave up trying to explain my new found community and went directly to the practical approach with this crowd.

"Well, sir you about got it right on all accounts", I said slowly, "e Farm is founded by a PH.D. in physics and some other Open Source people, and he is trying to transcended the normal way of farming by fabricating his own implements."

"Helllll, do that all the time", 'member that cross strut we made to replace the factory made one on Jerry's track last year, Bob?" one said.

"Yep, and I remember putting up Henry's barn three years ago -designed it hisself and it's still standing -far as I know". came the reply, "So what's so special about that?"

"Not that I know everything about Factor e Farm", I replied, " but, you see, e Farm designed and made their own tractor... and, had you one, it's cross strut wouldn't of been designed by the factory to break every 10 years. "

"Not only that, you can get e Farm's plans off the Internet to build your own, and it won't cost you a dime. Building it might cost you just under $5,000.00, but even your half-right cousin could put it together."

"e Farm did what?!?" "For how much?", "You trying to pull my leg now, both of them!" From negiliblek@yahoo.com:

"No lie. And e Farm has their own X Y table and soon to have a 3D plastic printer."

"What's a X Y table?"

"Shet up Henry, a X Y table is a machine controled device that lets you cut out two dimensional items.", Jake said, "I know 'cause I read it on the Internet, and by late tonight, I'll know what a 3D printer thingy is too!"

"Holy Shiiit!!! there's alot I could do with onea those! What else can you do out there at e Farm?" Henry asked.

"When all is said and done", I said, "we'll be able to make our own computers and the electricity that it runs on, that is, if we don't decide to make a bio-computer. Then all we'll have to do is feed it once in awhile. We are going to have a high tech village anybody could live in and build themselves."

"Now you're starting to sound like aliens and such", Jake said. "You really that smart in fabricating?"

"Yep, the sky or space is the limit. And if we don't know how, we'll have a whole lot of fun learning how." I finished.

"Sounds good but, man, you're gonna hafta hire a public relations company just to explain all that!"

"That we might, I said, "or we just might figure out how to do that too!"