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from Aaron Bacher <riverfolk@gmail.com>


hello all, hopefully this is the right avenue to try and set up a visit.

I am sitting here in the beautiful windowless basement lab of the university of Wisconsin plant sciences building in Madison with the global swadeshi interview plaing in the background nearing the end of the work day. I luckly stumbled upon the interview with Marcin at agroinovations which prompted me to investigate further. In my mind numbingly tedious internship with the agronomy dept here this summer i have 6-7 hours per day to listen to all sorts of podcasts and media on permaculture, sustainability, intentional community etc etc. Im not sure what it is exactly but something in what you guys are doing and more than that something in the potential of what your doing and the manner in which your doing it has struck me more deeply than anything else i've come across in the aforementioned arenas of improving our lives and the world we live in. I would love to come down and visit and soak in whats going on down there. Perhaps its that sitting here having delved into many of the wonderful solutions that have been synthesized by people around the world the sort of reduced cost mortal person acquirable building equipment that you guys are working with is really at risk of making self reliability within reach of the non wealthy =). Well excuse my ignorance with what you guys are up to because my excitement prompted me to just try to make contact and worry about the rest latter.

hope all is well down there and from the looks of it, it is =)

Cheers, -Aaron