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About Me

Name: Aaron J. C. Brown

Age: 28

Location:Reading in England

email: aaronjcbrown@gmail.com

tell: +447533109699

skype: aaron.brown616

Availability: may 2013 -?


Work/Career History

Self employed March 2008 till present

So during this period i've been subcontracting to a company called Cobalt Blacksmiths where i have learned basic and moderate smithing skills, as well as doing the “carpentry in metal work” as i have had it described to me, where i used my precision learned during cabinet making to do the fabrication side of work.

In conjunction with this, i have also been taking on my own work, in a variety of different areas including house refurbishment, fitted kitchens and bathrooms and built in furniture. Also i have revisited my restoration skills and have been restoring furniture for my uncles business and also“upcycling” dead stock and unrestorable furniture in to “new” pieces.

I have enjoyed being able to also take the time to do voluntary work for various arts groups, festivals and also for some domestic clients who can’t afford to pay but have managed to grab my interest with a unusual project! My favorite of these would have to be my most recently, a metal frame which was fully upholstered (allowing me to brush theses skills up again) to create a lean in pod to be able to play what will be a twisted arcade machine designed by the artist. and secondly i helped another artist who built a “church” on the back of a 7 ½ ton lorry, where i built the balcony structure that protruded over the cab and also worked on a “spire” which was collapsible so the vehicle could still fit under bridges!

Thames River Cruise 11/07- 3/ 08

Here i held the position of crew member and barman, as well as doing carpentry work refitting one of the converted steamers called the Princesses Marina.

My duties away from carpentry on the boats were, rope work whilst navigating locks, looking after the passengers, supplying information about the area of the river traveled and as mentioned above bar work

Mander Kitchens 7/03 – 10/07

Apprentice Cabinet Maker

My skills/duties include the following:

Furniture making

The design and build of bespoke kitchens

Basic timber framing

Site carpentry skills

basic plumbing

And spray paint finishing

Machining skills with:

Planer / thicknesser

Table saws

Spindle molders

Ban saws


Panel sanders


well here's my video which, as you will be able to see, was done of the top of my head, but personally i prefer to introduce my self this way as hopefully it gives a much more honest impression of me.... even with all the ums and arh's!


OSE Open IP Guidelines

I am willing to publish all the results of the work openly according to the OSE Open IP Guidelines