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Factor e Farm



We are a building a new civilization.

Problem Statement

We are building a scalable, collaborative, open source product development pipeline for increasing the rate of innovation. Our method is developing the Global Village Construction Set as a test bed for an Extreme Manufacturing methodology - an application of Scrum to hardware development. Our sprcific product is an open source, Distributive Enterprise - the Extreme Microfactory capable of clearing $80k/4 people/month/4000 square feet of production space - producing the 50 GVCS machines - as proof of concept that open economic collaboration not only works - but makes proprietary development models obsolete. As a first milestone by the beginning of Q4 2012, we are aiming to demonstrate a $20k/month revenue stream to bootstrap fund ongoing development - via production of CEB Presses at a rate of 1 per week - with a Production Manager and apprentices who receive crash course training in flexible fabrication.


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