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Thurs Dec 14, 2017

cleaned log. For next year I think it will be more searchable to dump the monthly logs into one page of old logs.

adjusted some specs on pump for 17.10

I'm not sure this will be re-used for 17.11, but good to the correct for 17.10. Editing the tree on this part requires some rework, but it is simple enough. With further corrections changing the editing order or using simple component copiues with unions might be more efficient to edit in this case. Some inaccuracies in the extents, shaft, and general shape still exist since I can not find any detailed CAD diagrams from surpluscenter or Eaton.

File:Hydraulic pump Eaton 0.92 cu.fcstd

Wed Dec 13, 2017

Back from a trip that took longer than expected. Reviewing where I am with Primary and Auxiliary PC. Ready to finish the power cubes and move on to the next thing.

Sat Dec 2, 2017

Reviewing large PC and figuring out likely dimensions for the smaller cube.

Did a quick re-edit of the Main PC for the Auxiliary smaller cube.

File:PC17.11 auxiliary.fcstd