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Wed Nov 29, 2017

copied in fusions of engine and other parts from PC v17.08 and constrained them into potential positions. Some of these parts like the pump may need to swapped out for accuracy. I'm not sure about those fittings on the 1240 cooler either.

File:Powercube v17.11.fcstd

Tues Nov 28, 2017

Slow week. Dealing with some technical PC problems/concerns the last few days.

Meeting prep.

Reviewing Power Cube concepts.

Continuing CAD work to make PC system more modular, but meeting feedback will be helpful to clarify direction further. Main goal now is redrawing frame and tank as two sub modules for parallelism and modularity.

Figuring out the six sides for the Power Cube and the tank resize. Constraints are a bit off in some ways I have to remember to make them all relative to the locked part. Also starting to wonder if the locked part should have been a complex partlike the bottom instead of a simple cube on the tank end. Six sides does simplify the build and I am adding some extended edges so there are slight corners in spots for easier welding around the tank.

At 6x19.5x20in the inside of the tank can old just over 10 gal.

In adding the extended weld tabs I also tried to consider weld order, but it is not an easy configuration to weld. Using some kind of magnetic holders 3D printed to assist with welding the offsets would be helpful.


Wed Nov 22, 2017

editing PC modularity doc

edited networking discussion Talk:OSE Network Plan

updated wiki with links to slack etc.

Tues Nov 21, 2017

Meeting. Power Design concerns for defining modularity.

Considering further breakdown of the frame so that the CAD matches real build better. I assume it is easy and cheaper to build from stock cut on the ironworker rather than CNC cut sheets. Making the tank a separate module may make it easier to weld and they can be made in parallel then welded together.

found original file for 1240 cooler that looks editable.

File:PC 1240 cooler.fcstd

Created larger fairly editable version of oil cooler.

File:Oil cooler.fcstd

Sun Nov 19, 2017

I've sketched and assembled most of the PC frame now and it should be easier to edit than before, but the constraint method still needs work. Now I'm thinking the frame should be drawn with the tank as a separate module so that is easier to fab. Different materials may also create a need for changes.

File:PC 1708 Frame module.fcstd

I also looked at the latest LT master CAD changes and PowerCube arrangement. Nice design and more bobcat like as expected.

Sat Nov 18, 2017

I was about to sketch one side for the frame and I noticed in the photos of PC 17.08 show a construction with different strips of steel on the corners and maybe thinner sheet metal that was CNC cut as planned earlier. For future editability drawing a few sketches seems less confusing than constraining a lot of cubes for metal strips. I'd guess that 1/4" thick steel is more than strong enough. Stock strips cut to length via the ironworker are cheaper and nearly as easy to weld together as CNC cut sheet metal squares.

Also from the PC 17.08 photos, the highest extent on the engine appears to be a cap for the vacuum return line, which is towards the back of the engine. This puts it in the middle of the power cube and it may not be in the way of the fan-cooler, but it can't stick up for stacking. Height appears to be ~18.75" from the photo.

The PC size also has to accommodate the max size range of the Hayden 1284 cooler 17" H x 25" W on the side of the engine intake for the fanless airflow version.

Given the need for engine start access and stacking for the LT the large cap on the fluid tank will require a redesign for some PC's.

Using one main cube to feed 3 other tankless cubes eliminates the tank cap, but changes modular reusability some. I don't think a larger tank is required on the mother PC, since I assume the system is filled to capacity as needed for gravity feed.

It looks like the large cooler can fit right up to the engine in the previous 20x30" frame design, but I see 4 inches's plus of fittings on the cooler in the CAD too. Maybe 90 deg elbows would be ok.

Also, the cooler will block maintenance access on that side of the engine making air filter changes oil fill potentially difficult.

Assembly2 WB import simplifies parts so they are not editable, which is a draw back, but a simple part can be used. I used a cube for the 20x20 tank end since that is easy to edit and reimport, but it should be an uploaded part file that everyone downloads to edit. The assembly method makes less sense in this context.

File:PC 1708 Frame module.fcstd

Fri Nov 17, 2017

continuing to look for media showing the PC to verify differences from CAD.

I found the photos of the engine in PC 17.08


In the 17.08 CAD the fan measures 2.56" thick and I can see how it would not fit over the motor by a small amount. Also the PC 17.08 CAD shows the small cooler (its labeled 1240 so not a 1268?) that is only 1" thick. The Hayden 1284 is 1.5" thick.


The most recent CAD is PC 17.08 and a separate file for the frame. Existing extents of frame are 19.75" H x 30.5" D x 20" L 1/4" plate

Looking back through the old versions there isn't one with editable frame sides, which would have been fixed based on CNC needs. So a redraw of the frame is required. I think the most editable method is to sketch an editable frame side Assembly2 WB import lock then clone and constrain everything else around it.

Wed Nov 15, 2017

started reviewing PC 17.10 docs and differences for the larger mother power cube for LT.

Getting a functional, but no larger than needed size seems important. If other optional accessories like a battery must be added they could likely be put elsewhere without too much wiring.

Power Cube v17.10



File:PC1708 Master.fcstd

File:PC 1708 Frame module.fcstd

Tues Nov 14, 2017

re-edited the 2x2 cab frame with new constraints and 45deg braces instead of the plates.

File:LT cab2x2 module.fcstd

meeting prep.

Getting an idea of how to estimate LT lift capabilities.

Sat Nov 11, 2017

Separated the LT 2x2 cab frame module into its oen file so work can be made more independent of continued changes to Lifetrac. When I saved it separate it also allowed me to edit the sketch to the plate I was previously unable to. However, some other constraints had to be deleted related to the base frame. Also, after editing the other constraints now seem to solve wrong to some extent.

File:LT cab2x2 module.fcstd

Wed Nov 8, 2017

There was a lot of discussion about internet and wireless related to the shopaid and remote communications in the last meeting so I've been searching around about MultiWAN options and local ISP's. It sounds like it hasn't been considered much since 2014. Benjamin did a lot of work then on the LAN routing, QoS, and wireless, but I do not see details as to exactly what was done with the routers. Considering OSE's need for good communications it is worth checking for better ISP options periodically. The current upload speed per DSL line looks to be 500Kbps, which is too slow for streaming live video and if shared with other users quickly depleted even for screen sharing. If no new reasonable ISP options are available then the current system of trying to manage the DSL lines for specific use during workshops may need refined.

http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/OSE_Network_Plan_2014 http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Internet,_Phone,_Domains,_Server http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Shopaid

updated LT cab with some bracing. File:LT master cad.fcstd

I ran into an issue trying to edit the sketch of the plate with clones. I can't edit it as I hoped. Maybe something about the constraints or clones is blocking it.

Listened to meeting again to catch better audio and review discussion.

Found a slack channel link, but it is no longer active. I also downloaded a linux app since I saw that mentioned in Oliver's log.


Tues Nov 7, 2017

Adding some parts to improve the strength of 2x2 cab option. Changing the layout of the tubing may also be an improvement. It also needs to be shortened to match the frame and not the previous cab.

meeting preparation.

File:LT master cad.fcstd

shortened cab frame of 2x2 tubing option and added a reinforcement plate to top front. back of cab also needs some kind of cross support underneath welded to the base frame.

I separated the reinforcement plate from the 2x2 cab frame, but now I am thinking that 45deg angled tubing pieces might be better on the front. Plates on the sides won't occlude critical vision so much and may be stronger, but 45's might be enough. Also to strengthen the front from impacts the 2x2 vertical tubes could be doubled up.

Mon Nov 6, 2017

To follow Roberto's method of constraining parts for editability I created 2x2x56in cube imported it into LT master CAD using Assembly2 WB then locked it in position. Then created, cloned and constrained other parts of cab frame relative to first. I also named most constraints for ease of editing. I think naming them all clearly would be best and doing the assembly by cloning and constraining one part at a time is a better workflow otherwise the constraints get confusing even as you work.

I can see how the 2x2 cab frame definitely will need a lot more reinforcement parts to strengthen it to the 4x4 equivalent. In fact, some parts could be 4in stock instead of 2x2 if they are not in the way or bolt points are more desirable than welding. Additional angular cross beams may be effective, but steel plate cut with curves may be stronger. The front and sides and likely hit points for large trees etc. so strengthening those points is a priority.

File:LT master cad.fcstd

Sun Nov 5, 2017

I've been watching the recent YT videos to review the MT build and changes and looking at the LT cab and preparing to design a cab using the 2x2in tube option. I'm attempting to follow the method Roberto used to constrain the frame by importing the first part and locking it using Assembly2 WB.

Fri Nov 3, 2017

I've had a few more noticeable issues that seem to be potential OS related (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). Seeing the new OSE Linux ISO I am tempted to do a fresh install.

Reviewing LT requirements. The tang option gives more slight felexibility for positioning the arms with gaps between the verticals and cab. I've been meaning to review supply costs from http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/Suppliers etc. to get a better idea of what materials costs are. Much of the time stronger structures can be built by shaping smaller cheaper materials. It makes more work, but given the educational workshop model labor requirements are less of an issue for OSE than the material costs. With enough creative reinforcement 2x2 tubing should be good for the cab, but a combination could be used as well. Operator field of vision is a important consideration as well.