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Sat Sep 30, 2017

looking at PTO motors again smallest one I see still looks a little big, but I assume will work fine if flow is lower.


I should be able to quickly modify the previous hydraulic motor from the PC1708 into a PTO.

Researched PTO Motor and redrew CAD using previous hydraulic motor from PC17.08 as starting point. Didn't seem to save much time maybe a little. Editing flow is often confusing and/or buggy. I found no CAD or detailed diagrams so measures are rough.

PTO Motor File:PTO Hydraulic Motor.fcstd

Also needs mount to back of tractor based on rough pattern. considering torque I'm guessing 2 large high grade bolts are sufficient for shear forces.

Fri Sep 29, 2017

edited and uploaded 3 bolt hole clamp to half then made compound.

clamp halves are difficult to make a complete compound from. Parts copied or merged disappear. The method that worked this time was making half compound then copying in the pocket (one part needs to be rotated 180deg) then make a final compound from the two. simpified compounds seem to have too little information to copy or merge without bugs.

File:Idler Clamp 3 Bolt.fcstd

added clamps to master CAD

File:MT master cad.fcstd

also tried to add left motor mount and motor, but parts continue to disappear in FreeCAD.

Sep 28, 2017

changed clamp design and fit two on micro trac loader arm shaft.

Sep 25, 2017

uploaded file of larger track for wide microtrac version. Size may need further adjustment due to track path settings. the small microtrac tracks already appear too small relative to idlers. [File:MT track1.fcstd]

Going through small items on tractors.

Sep 23, 2017

updated PC 17.08 and MC CAD with holes and bolts. Surprisingly difficult to get everything well aligned and positionally correct.

added contact info to sheet.


Sep 22, 2017

trying to check some the small things off the list on the MC CAD.

I ended up not making adjustments to shorten the motor mount plate because it appears to lower the sprocket to much, but I am not sure that is the right size either.

I've been attempting to add the holes to the PC to mount through tubing holes on the frame. Unfortunately, FreeCAD keeps behaving in strange and unexpected ways and finally crashed. I had to go back to the earlier version as I can not pocket holes through the compound for some reason. I nearly had the holes aligned before it crashed. I keep thinking I'll get used to it, but it is never as fast and simple as it should be.

Sep 19, 2017

meeting prep

checking last weeks meeting notes. adding editing Q&C to this weeks.

speed watched other half of freecad programming 101

Sep 17, 2017

edited and uploaded motor mount plate to extend height. It took longer than it should have because there was not an sketch editable version of the plate with the motor mount holes so I traced it and Fully constrained the sketch. I also see the motor mount holes can't be right so I am constraining it to the motor to find the correct hole pattern next.

File:MT motormountplate.fcstd

added mounting plate to MC master CAD. Had bugs and issues again taking longer than it should. The plate looks closer but still needs adjustment. Maybe .25 to .5" shorter. Should also triple check hole distances and sizes for all bolts even though they look ok now. I attempted to replicate the right side to left, but keep encountering bugs. The motor compound needs rework first anyway.

File:MT master cad.fcstd

3 hrs

Sep 16, 2017

adjusted tracks further and added 9 inch tracks compound to tractor master cad. Track still not perfect if accurate representation is desired, but close enough for now since other adjustments around the track still need to be made.

Also logging entries into wiki for easier accessibility until concerns with new web interface are resolved.