Abrasive Tools Exam

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Exam Procedure

  1. Video yourself cutting a 1" shaft, cutting 1/2" off the end of a 1" cold rolled shaft. Use the rotating shaft method.
  2. Post your results to OSE Workshops Group on Facebook as a short video.
  3. Start your Work Log, put an entry named Abrasive Tools Exam, and link to the Facebook page where you uploaded your video.
  4. Take a right angle measure of the cut end, and show how close you are to perpendicular. Add this as a comment to the video you posted on the OSE Workshops Group
  5. On your Work Log, answer the questions below.
  6. After you have completed your exam, add your results (links to your pictures, videos, and Work Log) to a new page with "your name Metal Fab Certification" under the Category:Metal Fabrication Certification.


  1. What is the rotating shaft method of abrasive cutoff saw cutting?
  2. What are the 3 common grinder sizes by amperage?
  3. What are the 3 common sizes of grinding wheels for angle grinders?
  4. Can you operate a 5 amp grinder with one hand? Can you do the same with a 15 amp grinder?
  5. What is the importance of using angle grinders when it comes to the matter of safety of the machine that you are building?
  6. What is the typical size of an abrisive cutoff saw wheel?
  7. What is the largest solid rod size recommended for cutting with an angle grinder?
  8. What is the use case for using grinders for cutting off something instead of using a torch?
  9. In what cases should you not use an angle grinder guard?
  10. How do you replace a motor brush on a grinder?
  11. Can a grinder wheel shatter and fly in your face?
  12. In what case scenario does an angle grinder put a lot of force on and possible endanger the user?
  13. Can a tiny grinder spark penetrate your cornea?
  14. In what case is there a danger of breaking, overheating, or shorting out a grinder motor, either on an abrasive cutoff or on an angle grinder?
  15. What safety equipment is recommended or required for using a grinder or abrasive cutoff saw?
  16. How long should it take to cut a 1" shaft on an abrasive cutoff saw with a 1/8" abrasive cutoff saw?
  17. How do you minimize the hardening of cutting stock when using an abrasive cutoff saw?