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100% Abundance Mindset

Strong Abundance Mindset: People with a high abundance mindset strongly believe that there are enough resources and successes for everyone. Since they recognize the power of the thoughts and language we present to ourselves every day, they choose to live life to the fullest, in accordance with a generous, creative, inspirational, and happy attitude. Such people optimistically grab opportunities and take full advantage of them just as, when looking back, they bask in their positively notable memories and the times when they experienced mastery over the projects they undertook. Hence, these people focus on gratitude, their unique strengths, their purpose, and their passions in life. They are curious about other people and their experiences; they typically think that one always has a choice, no matter how bad things get in life. Furthermore, they also strive to have a nonjudgmental mind and generally feel empowered — manifesting kindness and serenity while energizing the people around them. Indeed, they make an effort to get everyone excited about future growth and challenges. For these people, the sky is truly the limit


Clearly the above test can be faked - it is true that one knows the 'right answer' to all the questions and can choose 'the right answer'.

Is there any better test? Yes, a performance test, where one is asked to act abundantly out of choice, that is - instead of the question being direct, such as 'you love learning new things', you can ask, did you learn something new about yourself last week? Or what I the latest book that you read? And then evaluate each answer more carefully. Are there any other more in depth tests that are executable relatively easily, which are less gameable, more accurate?