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  1. Technique, Characterization, and Economics of 3D Printed Precision Bushings - how 3D printing can replace Drawn-Over-Mandrel (DOM) seamless tubing via 3D print followed by lathe finishing at 1/5 the cost of Industry standard DOM
  2. Precision Wire Feed Control for Metal 3D Printing Applications
  3. Accuracy and Precision Limits of 3D Metal Prints Generated via Fused Wire Deposition
  4. Technique and Optimizatino of Wire Drawing for Metal 3D Printing Applications
  5. Controlled Atmosphere Chamber Design for Metal 3D Printing to Reduce Metal 3D Printing Costs
  6. Open Design Cost Performance Breakthrough - Analysis of CEB Brick Press
  7. Cost Reduction Analysis of Stock Metal Produced from Scrap via Induction-Furnace compared to Industry Standard Stock Steel
  8. Structural Analysis of metal scrap-cast CEB Press Parts Compared to Industrial Stock Metal-Build Brick Press
  9. Lifecycle Materials Analysis of Brick Press Workshop Structure
  10. Design and Build of a Scalable, Modular, Induction Furnace Power Supply
  11. Solar Powered Metal Melting and Rolling Machine for Economically-Feasible Stock Steel Production from Scrap
  1. (using biomass pellets as fuel or using biogas-electric generation
  2. using a biogas-electric system
  3. Using ultracapacitors (maybe not)
  1. Industrial Ecology of Building a Full-Sized Tractor for $500 in Parts
  2. Open Source, Modular, Scalable Modern Steam/Diesel Engine Hybrid: Piston Engine Construction Set
  3. Structural 3D Plastic Printed Linear Bushing Holders for Heavy Machine Guide Rails Using 3D Printed Nylon Bushings


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