Accounting Problem Statement

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The simplest and most transparent accounting mechanism is proposed so that it does not require more than 1/2 hour of work per month:

  • All money raised is categorized
  • All purchases are made via credit card or check and are annotated on an online account on an ongoing basis.
  • All receipts are saved.
  • The accounting is a monthly statement printout, which is also published on the wiki on a protected page for transparency.
  • Quarterly totals for money raised and money spent is tallied from 3 monthly statements in a straightforward manner.
  • Money in = money out.
  • All this is handed over to an accountant to fill out form 990.
    • What is the expected time commitment to file form 990, April 990


  • How do we handle True Fans donations with respect to the Fiscally-Sponsored OSE Project? What are the requirements for accounting.

Is this a workable plan?