Accounting System Status

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  • Need to do:
    • Find SupporTED consultant to define strategy here
    • In progress - Centralize accouting to OSE and Terra accounts away from personal account - 1 day of work
    • Show how we used our existing money ($100 Stifung, $65k Kauffman, $65 Kickstarter, True Fans cash) - 3 days
    • True Fans report - monthly report - Set up Template - 5 hours
    • Proper requisition system - needs budget to say if money is the
    • Need to define Budget -
      • Break down budget into categories.
      • Each category says how much $ you have to spend for what
      • Set up by Fiscal Year
      • Scan receipts
  • Questions:
    • How far back do we go? Since Q3 2011 where we started rolling in cash (Terra)? Or since OSE Bank Account.