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OSE AdWords Purpose

Version 1

In 300-500 words, please describe how your organization plans to use AdWords to make a social impact. Please provide examples of types of campaigns you will run (marketing a particular event, soliciting donations, etc.) and how you will measure success.

OSE is an education organization that teaches hands-on skills for bringing production back to communities. Core to this mission is developing and producing open source blueprints and designs for machines, tools, and systems that produce the infrastructures of modern civilization. Skills and job training is part of its mission, and the long term goal is to create a teaching campus, akin to a university program but focusing on applied rather than theoretical skills.

To carry out its hands-on training activities, OSE engages mainly in producing immersion learning workshops. Topics covered include everything from sustainable and regenerative agriculture, use of open source software tools, open source distributed manufacturing, sustainable housing construction, community design, fabrication skills training, plant propagation, and many others. These workshops are where we meet a lot of future collaborators and other long-term contributors. The workshops serve as a great way to build our community through face-to-face interaction.

We will use AdWords primarily to attract participants to our training workshops and to raise awareness about our organization - as part of our general volunteer development strategy. We have a number of workshops planned for this year, and filling these workshops is essential for carrying out our mission. Please see a specific example of what individuals learn in our workshops -

In order to recruit specific Subject Matter Experts (SME) to help with our designs, we are considering making a call for contributors on specific areas of development. Since SMEs are critical to our progress of open-sourcing various appropriate technologies, we can use AdWords to make targeted SME searches. One particular area of expertise is video production to assist with the production of instructional videos.

We may also advertise for general awareness of OSE - including subscribing to our Newsletter, Facebook page, donations and donation subscriptions - such as our True Fans Program.

We offer open source blueprints for appropriate technology tools, and we can also use AdWords to publicize our free online resources. Downloads of our resources are a way to spread our technologies to those who need them, generating further interest..

We will measure success of the AdWords campaign in three main ways:

1. Workshop Attendance: Number of people who sign up to the workshops as a direct result of the AdWords campaign. To do this, we will have to assure that proper analytics and tracking protocols are in place to quantify the numbers of views and conversion rate that is obtained via AdWords as opposed to our organic reach. The ultimate success here would be reaching full enrollment for every course that we offer.

2. Growth of our general audience: Number of people who sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to our True Fans program, who make a donation, download our blueprints, or who like our Facebook page.

3. The number of instructional videos that we generate. Even more important than workshop attendance is the production of online documentation - which can reach many more people than workshops alone.

4. Growth of the number of SMEs that join, and the eventual number of project Advisors and Project Leaders that contribute to our efforts.

Version 2

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