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Adam - South Africa

  • - for design and CAD?
    • Booksprint at FeF?
    • Who is a good sprint facilitator?
    • Training materials for facilitators?
    • It is about upskilling people.
  • Scale documentation - as a social network - successful method - expertise
    • How to scale documentation - energy into empowering people - remotely or local to produce content
    • Documenation is a community of communities. Say 5 people on each project.
    • Look for leaders, and feed energy to the leaders
    • Realspace is most effective
    • Scalable - 4 books in 3 days with 30 people. Make documentation fun and scalable - modular units.
    • Food + Flight + all costs = More like a camping environment + funding environment. People can take working holidays.
  • PDF Press - it is proprietary - Mediawiki Extension to do Books - collections.
  • Booktype - limit of book paradigm from wiki. Base format of HTML, restricted set? No, allows extensions. Back end uses CSS and rendering. Rendering is separate from input. Allows Java for control. Based on Webkit. Controls styling with CSS. Uses Django
  • Wikibooks - not gaining traction
  • Does have a version history. Versioning - does have - Postgref and diffs are allowed
  • Not GIThub - closed source online repo for open source projects, but use GIT - a repo manager, open source, to fork and merge branches easily. So give every book its own GIT repository. Advantage of GIT is that you can trace legacy of files, and then merge them. Requires how you will expose this to users. Most users don't know how to use GIT.
  • Use attribution wherever possible.


  • lead. Lenses are groups of content that are related, that have been reviewed. Strength: repository; Weakness - authoring.
  • Authoring is difficult; focus is on publishing. No presentation information. Booktype leaves it and overrides with CSS structure.
  • Mark Horner - like Life Sciences textbook in a weekend - with Siyavula. Friday evening to Sunday. Advertises as a book in a weekend, but really a couple of weekends + editing
  • Kathi - sprints for software and development? 2 Days.
  • In - CAD drawings good for repository
  • Modules are versioned - will version with the documentation. For large things - an ecology where large things go in archive or such
  • National Instruments - does have a circuit displayer. Painful. Only HTML 5 content.


  • Booki- - old name for Booktype - for collaborative sprints on manuals?
  • - repository. How to do versioning?
  • Mediawiki - control center for OSE projects
  • Open CAD/CAM solution?
  • Run on server.
  • Get an account on sourcefabric

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