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The GVCS list is currently locked at 50. Though additions are welcomed to be researched for later integration (after completion of the GVCS 1.0).

Want to add another tool?

If you think another technology belongs on the GVCS list, follow this procedure -

  1. Read the OSE Specifications and answer the questionnaire.
  2. If the tool scores highly on the questionnaire and meets most of the OSE specifications, start a thread on the forum with a title beginning "Proposed Tool:" (e.g. "Proposed Tool: Washing Machine"). You may be challenged, and will have to convince the community that it is realistic and worth pursuing.
  3. If the consensus on the forum is in favor of adding the tool to the GVCS, feel free to edit the list above to add the new tool
  4. By proposing the tool, you take responsibility for it. You become project manager for that tool, and will have to build and prototype it yourself, or else recruit and manage someone who can.

Proposed tools

  • Loader - an attachment for the LifeTrac tractor
  • Village-scale washing machine - powered by the universal rotor
  • Fridge - see the page on refrigeration
  • Reversible heat pump - for controlling the temperature of homes and greenhouses, refrigerating food and medicine, harnessing solar and geothermal heat
  • Stirling engine - transforms heat into mechanical energy
  • Spectrometer and computer oscilloscope - adding these to the GVCS would form a complete Fab Lab. Most of the work will be done by other open-source groups.
  • Juice Press - A juice press powered by the Power Cube.
  • Log Splitter - A log splitter powered by the Power Cube.

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