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Adriaan ( sent the following message regarding your listing for Factor 'E' Farm and Global Village on the Online Communities Directory (

Hello from the Netherlands.

First a shot introduction of who I am.

My name is Adriaan Spronk. Im 21 years (almost 22) years young. I live in a quit small medieval looking city called Elburg. ( you can see some nice pictures here : search Elburg)

Ive recently graduated from my school. And I am currently working as an construction worker.(with my dad) From 2000 till 2004 I studied carpentry and often worked on holidays and after school with my dad, a professional carpenter. After that I wanted to do something completely different. My hobby's are music in music and the video business, so I followed that idea and I wanted to make it my profession.

So I looked and searched and found one that suited my learning needs.

I found this education called : Audiovisual engineer (couldn't get any better for me at the time!) First my focus was on the whole audio section but when I reached my learning goal my intention shifted to video. I made some cool looking music video's and documentary's. I wanted to get a higher grade diploma so I studied a year extra and got the grade. And now I work part time at a company that makes company promotion/safety video's, and other kinds of audiovisual works.

Today I'm at this important point in my life were i have to choose what I do next. This whole year Ive been thinking about leaving Holland behind and starting a new life experience somewhere else. Somewhere were you don't have to drive two hours on traffic jammed smoggy highways to go to work. Somewhere were you get to know your true self. Somewhere were you can help with every possible positive thing. Be busy with my hands, mind and soul, and of course helping others. I'm motivated to do all kind of works. I don't care about getting up early, work hard or getting my hands dirty. (o.. no that would be a lie;) No no, I don't mind dirty hands, that's life and I love it.

You can probably get the impression that I'm pretty serious about this all. I want to make a change for myself and for others. I believe I just stumbled upon a great opportunity to help build and develop a joyful community. And I'm determined to find one and go and live life there.

I'm still searching but this one really got my attention. I've read the whole website and I truly feel that this is it for me.

I already got a tiny connection with America. For the past 4 years I've been listening to Coast to Coast AM. Maybe you've heard of it. Its a great open-minded late night radio talk show. It opened me up to new reality's and possibility's.

I got lots more to tell and ask but I will leave it here for now. First lets wait on a reaction from you.

I hope gave you some clear info about who I am and what I can do for you. If you want to know something just ask! I enjoyed typing this mail and I hope you liked reading it!

With friendly regards,

Adriaan Spronk

The Netherlands