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Notes from Donna

Ask Tom Rielly and Adrian Hong (Sr. TED Fellow alumnus) about people with great advisory boards and Adrian can help you also create one.. he is brilliant. Also, ask Perry Chen (Sunny is on his) of Kickstarter. Mitchell Joaquim (Sr. TED Fellow Alumnus) might also be able to talk to you about his advisory board - he has many entities for and non profit, etc. He's pretty awesome. -Renee

Here are a couple of articles we looked at for one of my organizations which might help. I am on 2 advisory boards. It's as much who's on the board as to how the board is used by leadership. We all have our strengths and contributions to the AB, however one of the Boards is used extensively and the other board I'm on, rarely as they haven't figured out the best way to use us as resources just yet.

Look at both sides of the coin and remember the question I posed earlier. Who do you need to know who you don't know? What do you need to know that you don't know? The people on your AB can fill those gaps - Donna


  • Create Recruiting Board of advisors
    • Define clear requirements of Recruiting Board members

Search Process

  • Identify needs
  • Identify best advisers for meeting needs
    • SME
    • Mentor
    • Coach
    • Organizational Development
    • Business Partners
    • Board of Directors
    • Board of Advisers
    • Working Groups
    • Friends and Informal Expertise
    • Family
    • SupporTED
    • Social Enterprise
    • Open Source-Friendly
    • Connectors
    • Funding development
    • Process Development

Vetting Process

  • Expertise qualifications
  • Availability qualifications
  • Interviewing

Reward Structuring


Turnover Strategy


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