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We are having our MicroHouse Extreme Manufacturing workshop on Sep 25-30 - building on our prior experience:

We talked about enterprise before - this is our way to making the Extreme Manufacturing model economically replicable - by producing real product out of a workshop. I want to train people to become workshop leaders in the future. First would be producing a good product.

This is also a special invite to anyone who has experience with CNC furniture (as in OpenDesk, etc) - to get low cost admission for helping out. We have a 4'x4' CNC router with Mach 3 and want to utilize it for the workshop - desks, chairs, sofa, bookshelves - furniture of all sorts for the MicroHouse. Your role would be to work with us remotely to make this happen - then come about 3 days early to make all preparations happen. Please pass this offer on to any of your hacker friends.

We are doing an experiment in radical collaboration, in that we are having the open source community generate the designs for the workshop. Please join our Design Sprint if you want to see how this works -

Thanks, Marcin