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HintLightbulb.png Hint: Add any masters of affordable housing to this page.

#1 Global Builders

Global Limited Production

  • WikiHouse - open source digital fabrication, holds hackathons. [1]
  • ViviHouse - open source modular design.

#1 USA: Migraine Craftsman

  • Migraine Craftsman stands out as the top public-facing hardcore affordable housing guy on YouTube - [2]. $228 mortgage on a $78k house, only 450 sf. He is the only guy I know of that shows real numbers.
    • Builds real homes.
    • Builds at the lowest price point - demonstrated care for affordability
    • Knows design and CAD
    • Appears committed to teaching tradespeople - mentions in his videos why this is needed
    • Doesn't appear arrogant - appears open to new ways of doing things
    • Definite hallmark of simple, elegant, quality design
    • Design-build guy
    • Good teacher - cares about documenting critical numbers

RENU Foundation (501C3)

  • build small, affordable homes framed or from shipping containers
  • train a workforce, focusing on at-risk youths, drop outs, ex-offenders, addicts, homeless, and returning veterans
  • non-profit organization
  • [3]