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Used For

  • Culinary Uses (Traditional Asian Cuisine, Modern Creations, and as a substitute for Bone Based Gellatin)
  • Scientific/Medical Uses (As a growth medium for things like petri dishes, gel electrophoresis, and other various uses)



Boiling Method

  1. Algae is Harvested
  2. Algae in Boiled in Water (Need to find out how long, what temperature etc.)
  3. Mixture is seperated


Ambient Air

  1. Liquids are left in an area that is clean and dry in a container
  2. Once Evaporated, the Mixture is Scraped Out
  3. After this it can be powderized, made into flakes, or left as is
  4. It is then packeged and ready to use

Spray Drying

  1. Liquids are Decanted Into a Spray Dryer (Such as the Open Source Spray Dryer)
  2. The dried powder is then packaged
  3. It is now ready to use

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