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The living stock base has been defined in 2008 at Perennial Agriculture. However, the larger part would be earthworks, waterworks, greenhouses, fencing, machine infrastructure, materials production infrastructure, creating fertility - all the terraforming required to regenerate and upgrade the land to provide abundance. Once set up, it lasts for ever. With RTK GPS drones, the management duty would be the requirement of a single open source agroecologist. The learning curve is huge, and this would be part of OSE's 8 year movement entrepreneurship program.

The design here should be based around the open source ecology Campus, building in an R&D capacity at the $50M level for opensourcing the technosphere via an open, collaborative method. Once the GVCS is complete, replications can happen at the 10+ acre scale rural and city block scale urban. All energy and food should be built in, as well as core production including solar silicon, concrete, steel, and plastic. Distributed green manufacturing would reinvent the world as such, eradicating corruption, poverty, and war.

Each block would be approximately $10M in investment, substitutable via open source machines and crowd builds. Practiced in virtual environments eventually, so that gamers are included in a productive workforce for global transformation.