Critical Path Narrative for Agriculture

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The mission of OSE Agriculture is to create replicable infrastructures to feed the world.

The vision for OSE Agriculture is to create a replicable model for year-round, full-diet, Collaborative Production agriculture operations that can be established from raw land on a year time-scale using open source equipment and know-how at a cost of $100k for a 40 acre facility including land acquisition.

The goal is to enable any community worldwide to become fully autonomous in its provision of a staple diet, as well as of its own fuel and fiber resources.

The method is to collect best practice and open source them, while providing blueprints for enabling open source machinery.

The critical path for Factor e Farm agriculture is:

  1. Requirements: Define dietary needs for a person for a one acre per person scenario in the temperate zone.
  2. Advice: Establish an Agriculture Review Board.
  3. Plan: Define a comprehensive agricultural yield, economic, and ergonomic plan for a year-round diet, fuel, and fiber production operation - scaled to one person per acre for 12 people via Collaborative Production. Do so for each of 2 phases: (1) access to 50 GVCS Tools in the stage prior to establishment of perennial agriculture; (2) same except now in the stage after establishment of perennial agriculture system; and (3), same as (1) specified for a timeline of 12 months.
  4. Execution 1: Establish perennial crops for year-round food provision option based solely on perennial resources.
  5. Execution 2: Establish equipment infrastructure to support year-round diet, fuel, and fiber provision for a community at a rate of 1 person being supported per acre.
  6. Execution 3: Establish annual crop base for the first 5 years of operation, including a Collaborative Production Model
  7. Execution 4: Establish a production plan for the post-scarcity case with perennials established and the community established.