Collaborative Production Model

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The Collaborative Production model is a method of producing anything (ideas, agricultural products, machines, hardware, energy, fuel, energy, housing, etc.) where a skilled Lead Producer creates an infrastructure where less skilled individuals can participate in meaningful production.

The desired outcomes of this model are:

  • A method of Social Production for economically-significant products of advanced civilization, competitive with industry standard production methods
  • Decreased specialization of production - where the Lead Producer includes others - thereby allowing the Lead to increase the scope and quality of the productive operation
  • Main function of lead is to privide oversight and to maintain high standards via a Quality Control Checklist.
  • Expanding the skill sets of unskilled people by lowering the barriers to effective production - thereby empowering individuals to become less specialized and thereby more effective.
  • Increased meaning in peoples' lives as people reconnect to their basic instincts to be productive in tangible results - to regain autonomy via creation of their own environment