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In a nutshell

AgroSense (formerly called Cloudfarming) is a modular, decision making support system for the agricultural market, built around the geographical location of your farm.

AgroSense is a rich client platform which provides a highly modular farm management system.

Agriculture is rapidly becoming a very data intensive industry. A multitude of agriculture specialities is needed to transform all this data into useful farm management information, which can lead to higher productivity, less use of pesticides etc.. Specific agricultural knowledge is often owned by small companies, not capable of developing an overall competative farm management system.

AgroSense provides an opensource module framework in which modules from several sources are combined into one integrated farm management system. Modules can be provided by governmental departments, universities or commercial businesses. Some will be free of charge, while some others will require some form of payment. In the end the farmer decides which modules contribute to his business.


  • delivering good added value for money
  • viewing geographical information
  • connecting to all kinds of information and/or service providers
  • gathering sensor data
  • combine all data source into useful management information


AgroSense is beta software under heavy development to the date of this article--Scoid (talk) 19:33, 24 March 2013 (CET)

some of many features:

  • import of shapefiles from FLIK (field block, parcela de campo/tierras) numbers, which is in use in the European Union to define plots for administer them between councils, states, farms.
  • ISOBUS interface, a communication protocol for the agriculture industry
  • usage of OpenStreetMap