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May 13

  • At this time, there is plenty of comfrey and mint that can be propagated. Named varieties of cherry and plum are suckering, and these can be propagated broadly. So is Oleaster, which can be propagated by root division. Lots of garlic that needs to be devided can be divided at this time.
  • Time for last commercial plants to be added, before it gets too hot.
  • Any rootstock plants at this time can be planted as stool beds. Any rootstocks that do not take can be used as further stock for propagating as a stool bed.
  • Oleaster is in full bloom, apples and peaches are starting small fruits.
  • It's warm enough for chicken propagation
  • Wide mowing for mulch is in full season, and mulching of old wood for chips can be in full season.
  • Marking of trees for firewood and girdling can happen now.
  • Brush cutting with small chainsaw, or
  • Augering of Afforest Holes can be done at this time
  • Worm towers can be started on grass clippings, wood, and straw
  • Ponds can be dug at this time, though optimal would be August when it is the dryest.
  • Tractor mulcher can be used for wide clearing.
  • Tree guards can be added to all plants.