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This page will be where I can try a wiki-embedded attempt to achieve the OSE Metal Fabrication Certificate remotely. Remote achievement of this certificate does not have to be absolute - it could be a precursor to an on-site exam. I recommend this for experienced first timers at Factor E Farm looking to demonstrate their existing competence and avoid unnecessary training.

Completion of this page will happen over time, as photos/videos arise.



Certificate Documentation

Tool Selection

What tools to use for cutting, drilling, holes, severing, measuring, bending, forming, etc.


Eyewear. Gloves. Steel-toed boots. Welding helmets. Hard hats. Excess welding wire. Sharp corners. Heavy objects. Use of hoist. Fire extinguisher. First aid kit. Eyewash. Grinding safety. Welding fumes. Zinc plating and galvanized steel. Sound cues: metal squeaks and gas leaks. Safety Exam.

MIG Welding

Ability to weld from sheet steel to 1/2" steel. Understanding wire feed speed and power settings, both high and low. Proper tension on MIG wire. Knowing when liner is clean. Understanding shielding gas flow. Keeping guard clean. Replacing tips. Keeping work area clean. Protective clothing. Turn-on and shutoff. Welding Exam.


Understanding proper gas pressure. Uderstanding tip size. Cutting straight lines. Cutting circles. Cutting 1" stock. Cutting sheet stock. Torching Exam


Understanding when metal is hot enough. Range of applications for brazing. Brazing Exam.


Using cutoff wheels and grinding wheels. 5 and 15 amp grinders. Locking in a grinding wheel. Replacing wire brushes. Repairing a broken cord.


Using a correct reference point. Transfer punching. Using tracing paper to mark patterns. Using a speed square, level, carpenter's square, tape, and ruler. Match drilling. Measuring Exam.

Using a Milling Machine

X, Y, Z motion of slides. Using a milling bit. Using a mill as a drill. Feed rate. Cutting fluids. Proper workpiece fixation. Using a Digital Readout for distance measurement. Centering a hold in a shaft using the digital readout. Milling Exam.


Using calipers. Using a dial indicator.

Ironworker machine: Metal Shear, Punch, and Angle Cutter

Procedure for punching holes. Replacing dies. Understanding die size. Open center bidirectional hydraulic valves. Workpiece hold-down. Force amplification from blade gap and safety. Power Cube operation. Ironworker Exam.