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Alexander F Lieders

Team Culturing Information

last updated: 17. June, 2011

WHO are you?

  • Name - Alexander F Lieders
  • Location (city, country) - Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
  • Contact Information (email, phone, Skype) - cicnos (at) gmail (dot) com, 720657442, cicnos
  • Introductory Video -

WHY are you motivated to support/develop this work?

  • Do you endorse open source culture?

100% I think the only way to better the human condition is through collaboration in every possible level.

  • Why are you interested in collaborating with us?

Yes, very much. I would love to be a part of the OSE community.

  • How do you think that the GVCS can address pressing world issues?

Giving the people the means for self sufficiency and empowering them with knowledge and information is the only way to really address the world issues. A conscious human being is a responsible human being.

  • What should happen so that you become more involved with the project?

I would love to have access to the video files that are being shot on site to start editing them.

  • What are you missing in the project?

A comprehensive repository of material so people that are not onsite can start working as soon as they decide to. I know open+pario is being used for that but because everyone is really busy and just recently OSE got fast internet implemented I feel that there is a lot of materials that are not yet available for outsourcing.

  • What are your suggestions for improvement of the project?

Having other means of payment for people wanting to become True Fans. Not only through PayPal.


  • List all of your skills in these areas: Communications - Organizational - Computer Support - Finances - Design - Natural Building - Electronics - Automation - Metallurgy - Engineering - Fabrication - Agriculture - Energy - Architecture - Video/Graphics/Art - PR/Marketing - Education - Construction - Industry - CNC - Chemistry - Product Design - Other

Video/Graphics/Art - Education - 3D Modeling - Translate materials to Portuguese - Learning Inventor CAD at the moment -

  • How have you already contributed to the project?

I've been donating every month.

HOW can you help?

  • How are you interested in contributing to the work of GVCS development?

Video Editing - Animation - CAD Modeling - Onsite Construction

  • Can you volunteer to work with us, and if so, how many hours per week?

Yes. Depends on my "work for money" load. I do free lance jobs so every week is different. I hope to be able to contribute a min of 10 hours a week.

  • Are you interested in working with us for pay? If so, what services can you offer, and what is your hourly or per-project rate?



  • Are you interested in purchasing equipment from us to help bootstrap development?

Not at the moment.

  • Are you interested in bidding for consulting/design/prototyping work?


Yes and No. I donate every month for OSE and will continue to do so, but I don't have and don't want to make a PayPal account. So I have to pay every month individually.

  • Would you like to see yourself working with us on a full-time basis?

Would love to, if I had the means to survive in the process.

  • Are you interested in using the technologies that we are developing directly?

In the future. Yes.

  • Are you interested in being part of the world's first, open source, resilient community? The GVCS is the preparatory step for the OSE Village Experiment - a 2 year, immersion experiment (2013-2014) for testing whether a real, thriving, modern-day prototype community of 200 people can be built on 200 acres using local resources and open access to information? We are looking for approximately 200 people to fill a diverse array of roles, according to the Social Contract that is being developed. This may be the boldest social experiment on earth - a pioneering community whose goal is to extend the index of possibilities regarding harmonious existence of humans, ecology, and technology - as a beacon of light to benefit of all people on Earth.

Yes. Very much so.