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People in general do not collaborate, as the mental model of competition (one-upping each other for progress) appears to dominate. From the OSE perspective, this is an artifact of a Scarcity Mindset, which is not congruent with civilization - broadly speaking - at Kardashev Scale significantly less than unity. The competitive concept is also not congruent with higher levels of psycho-social development as described in the seminal book, Radical Man. Common sense indicates that a vast majority of the population believes in competition over collaboration - even though most coaches and progressives claim that collaboration produces better results [1]. Or at least gives lip service to it - because what company does not practice trade secrets, patents, or other form of competitive waste? Even open source projects have limits to collaboration For example, open source OpenPilot project leader George Hotz stated explicitly in a podcast (see Briar Patch Observatory Podcast) that one-upmanship is superior to collaboration - in his scuffles with Elon Musk over the turf of self-driving cars.

Global collaboration is a worthwhile ideal. This is not idealistic, but pragmatic - as collaborative design - from first principles logic - produces better results. This is simply a matter of effort: 1+1=2. With synergistic effects, 1+1=3. With competition, 1+1=1. It appears that critics miss out this basic math? Critics may observe that people are by nature competitive - but psychology instead claims that we can learn new behaviors. Thus, the field of applied psychology tells us that the competitive nature of humans is a faulty mental model: the competitive nurture of humans makes us competitive. Ie, the 'competititve nature' is learned - it is not a law of nature - in the framework of nature vs nurture argument.

An honest attempt at collaborative design is thus worthwile.

Basic model:


OSE Forum is a global collaboration. It is different than TED, in that the global collaboration is about collecting the vision and knowhow regarding all pressing world issues towards achieving prosperity and peace. It is a structured, algorithmic process that we define here.

OSE Forum

Prioritizes first, GVCS development - technical development. It teaches global open source collaborative literacy and design.

Then is the solution of all issues. What are the issues? How do we arrive at those issues? We use effectively a similar process to product dev - which starts with assessing best practice and industry standards.

The difference here is that we have an executive capacity consisting of the OSE Campus where you learn, get cross-subsidized via enterprise, and as a result, get 'employed' as a full time agent of change.

Global collab provides information. It's passed into a podcast. It is refined as curriculum. It is taught, and livelihood is created around it. Regenerative infrastructure is funded by tuition and enterprise (such as Seed Eco-Home). Focus is as always - powerful existing tech as base, innovation comes from production revenue.