Alkaline Electrolyzer Design

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  • Ni, Co, Cu, NiCu, NiCo, and NiCoCu alloys were synthetized and characterized electrochemically

for HER and OER in 6 M KOH, showing important catalytic properties for commercial applications. It was demonstrated that alloying Ni with Co or/and Cu resulted in an increased electrocatalytic activity in the HER when compared to pure Ni, Cu, and Co. This was due to improved intrinsic activity of the materials. However, these improvements were not comparable with state-of-the-art Raney nickel. While, for the OER, NiFe(OH)2 and SS316L showed the best performances, with SS316L displaying the highest stability. - from [1]

  • Nickel or nickel derivatives can be used for the HER. [2]. Titanium oxygen-getter slows down decay of nickel electrode.
  • Zero-gap vs conventional stack design - nice pic in Fig. 3 - [3]
  • With nickel, catalysts can be added - Fe for OER, and Mo for HER. [4]
  • Nippon Shokubai develops new separator - [5]
  • High pressure separator - [6]