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The ideal is the intersection of:

  1. Open Source - culturally strong
  2. FabLabs - productively powerful
  3. Enterprise - real world change
  4. Supercooperator - community development, rather than colonialism
  5. Education - crating evolution in the future generations
  6. Community Economic Development/Community-Based Production - inclusive
  7. Hands-on building of your reality vs consumer culture - creator vs consumer
  8. Eco-friendly - stopping ecocide
  9. Education and technological literacy
  10. Access to Jobs

Archetypal orgs:

  • Open Source Ecology
  • Incite Focus - strong on production with fab labs, open source, community economic dev, eco, education, access to jobs
  • Vigyan Ashram - fab lab, education, community building but proprietary

Open Source Culture


  • Crowdfunding for permaculture

Incentive Challenge

  • HeroX


  • Curry Stone
  • Shuttleworth
  • Good Ancestor
  • Open Mind Foundation



  • Robert Steele
  • Catherine Austin Fitts


  • Japan - Corbett Report

Open Hardware

  • Hackaday
  • Appropedia
  • Reddit
  • Noisebridge - brochure
  • Mozilla = mark Sherman
  • Mark Horner
  • Gabriella Levine - OSHWA
  • FarmBot - Rory Shuttleworth fellow
  • Aaron - former Shuttleworth Fellow
  • OSE Board of Directors
  • Dr. Pearce

Open Source Software

  • Oregon State U - Open Source Lab - [1]

Open Source Electronics


Fabrication, makers and hackers


Appropriate technology & development


Open culture

Ecovillages, ashrams and resilient communities

  • Dandelion Village - Based in Bloomington, Indiana, USA - currently using an OSE CEB Press to build a home, more to come
  • Gaviotas revisited
  • J.T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies - an experiment in sustainable living in California
  • Global Ecovillage Network - "The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) is a growing network of sustainable communities and initiatives that bridge different cultures, countries, and continents. GEN serves as umbrella organization for ecovillages, transition town initiatives, intentional communities, and ecologically-minded individuals worldwide."
  • The Farm -
  • Vigyan Ashram - new education - -
  • Auroville, see Auroville Earth Institute
  • Arcosanti
  • The New Z-Land Project - "The New Z-Land Project's mission is to create a prototype circular city and sustainable community in New Zealand which will subscribe to a Resource Sharing Society."
  • Resilient Communities - Blog run by Bob Stilger that focuses on healthy and resilient communities.
  • Oneida
  • Mt Best, a homestead in Australia. Website has some innovative ideas on energy efficiency etc.
  • Eco Sustainable Village, consultants for building sustainable communities
  • Village Forum - A website helping people create small communities
  • Tamera - "Tamera’s aim is to develop an example of a model for a nonviolent co-existence of people and between people and nature."
  • Berkana - "Berkana and our partners share the clarity that whatever the problem, community is the answer. We prepare for an unknown future by creating strong and sustainable relationships, by wisely stewarding the earth’s resources, and by building resilient communities."
  • Atlas Initiative Group - "The mission of the Atlas Initiative Group is to design, plan and build Atlas City in America, providing a peaceful transition model from a monetary based system economy to a resource based system economy demonstrated through an advanced city which will maximize automation and provide the highest standard of living for its participants."
  • 7.17.08 - A new country -
  • 7.1.08 - Ephemerisle - a festival held at sea to get people thinking about the possibilities of living at sea. Now discontinued.
  • Damanhur]


  • Buckminster Fuller Institute
  • Unreasonable Institute - "At Unreasonable Institute we give high-impact social entrepreneurs wings. We are an international accelerator and investor in early stage social ventures and we seek out 25 of the world's most brilliant and bold social entrepreneurs to attend our annual 6 week Institute. There we will unite these entrepreneurs (deemed Unreasonable Fellows) and pair them with personal and entrepreneurial skill training, daily guidance from over 50 expert mentors, as well as opportunities and access to the seed capital their ventures need to take flight. " (Nikolay: not sure whether this one can be of direct help, but is here just for the record).
  • The Awesome Foundation, founded to increase the amount of awesomeness in the world. Members of each local chapter pool together $1000 a month and give it to whoever has an idea for doing something awesome.
  • 1000 True Fans -


Economics and abundance

Who might be interested in open source ecology? who has the same vision?