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Potential Improvements

  • Integration into a pair of headphones akin to those with an integrated microphone
    • Would have stereo sound, and look less odd (Also higher sound quality than Bone Conduction)
  • Open Source Hardware and Software
    • That way no-one can essentially eavesdrop on your inner thoughts to an extent
  • Bluetooth connection (preferably multi-device) so it can be used with a Smartphone , Smart Watch , or PC as a speech input / sound out, rather than just as a standalone device
    • Could improve the devices SWAP stats
  • The other direction to go would be REJECT AESTHETICS! and have an EEJ Cap + AlterEgo + Project North Star (With Eye Tracking, SLAM Module, and Hand Tracking for all of that sweet sweet data and easy access to the outputs of the computer
  • Having the Electrodes Mounted in some sort of Hard Hat / Bicycle Helmet Strap etc would be an interesting possibility

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